"Angle" Flash Extension Cable, 3 m

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Item: 00006973
GTIN: 4007249069733

Flash Cable


- For using as an extension cable between the camera and the flash cable
- PC plug, 2 pins and PC socket

What's in the Box

- 1 "Angle" flash extension cable

Technical Details

Connection PC Plug/PC Socket
Length 300 cm
Colour Black


The Hama 3m long flash gun synchronisation cable is designed to link a flash gun to a camera, slave sync unit or flash splitter in order to trigger it when the camera release is depressed. It utilises PC plugs at each end to connect to the hardware and these plugs are set at 90° to ensure that they are not easily pulled out in the event of a snag on the cable. The plugs fit snugly to the body of the camera but are easy to remove when the need arises at the end of the photo session.

The length of the cable is ideal for studio use where the cable can be placed around the perimeter of the shot, thus keeping it out of the picture, whilst still keeping the link to the flash gun. Another use for this length of extension flash cable can be in wildlife photography where you need to trigger the flash from a distance, perhaps where the photographer is in a hide and the gun is obscured from sight, thus making sync units unusable. This cable provides a very useful and simple way of triggering a flash gun up to 3m away from the camera.

Verpackung: Prüfsiegel & Umweltkennzeichen

QC passed by Hama Germany

In-house test and quality seal


2 years legal warranty only


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