Hama "Premium M10" Shredder, Shredder with Security Level E4 P4 T5


As fraud increases it is more important than ever to securely destroy documents like account statements, contracts, invoices or debit cards. Don't be a victim of identity theft and keep your personal details secure. Hama's "Premium M10" shredder makes a criminal's life harder.

  • Plastic cards can also be destroyed via the paper entry slot
  • Cuts paper into extra small scraps which maximizes the bin’s capacity
  • Especially quiet motor
  • Bin can be pulled out for disposal of paper scraps
  • The device shuts itself off automatically to avoid damage on the device
  • High-quality cutters are made of steel and cope with staples


169,00 EUR

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Item: 00050546
GTIN: 4007249505460