"HRM-108" Heart Rate Monitor, black

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- Exact distance calculation thanks to adjustable stride length

More product information

- For optimal training effect and for avoiding overload
Heart rate mode:
- Chest strap measurement
- Range: 30 to 240 beats per minute
- Heart rate zone alert

Pedometer: (up to 999999 steps)
- Distance measurement
- Speed measurement
- Speed alert (low and high speed alert)
- Displays: total exercise time, maximum/average/minimum heart rate, average/maximum speed, total distance, steps, calories burnt

Stopwatch mode:
- Resolution: 1/100 second
- Countdown timer mode
- Measuring range: 23 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds
- Lap memory

Time mode:
- Time format: 12h or 24h format
- Calendar: month, date and weekday display
- Alarm function

- Calorie consumption: range 0-9999 kcal
- Fat burning: 0-9999 g
- Backlight
- Waterproof up to 50 metres

What's in the Box

- 1 "HRM-108" heart rate monitor
- 2 CR2032 batteries
- Operating instructions

Note for Consumers

This heart rate monitor is tested up to a density of water of 5 bars which corresponds to a water column of 50 metres. It is therefore ideal for everyday use, e.g. when having a bath or shower or when washing your hands.


Keep Close Watch Over Your Heart Rate with the Hama HRM-108

Functioning as a stylish digital wrist watch the Hama HRM-108 also features a heart rate monitor, pedometer and stopwatch and is great for any sports or fitness enthusiast on the go. Its compact, comfortable design looks great on your wrist whilst instantly providing continuous ECG accurate current, average and min/max heart rate readings at any point during the day using the included adjustable chest strap. Simply fasten the chest strap in place and see your heart rate appear on the watch display within seconds!

A Step Ahead

It is suggested that walking 10,000 steps each day could help improve you health. In order to allow you to keep track of your step count and monitor progress towards daily goals the HRM-108 has an advanced integrated pedometer that can be adjusted to a walking or running pace and provide info on distance (to 99.99km), speed (with speed alert), exercise time and calories (to 9999kcal) and fat burnt as well as the number of steps, all to be reviewed instantly or at a later point in time.

Get into the Zone

Featuring Heart Rate Zone Alert, the watch not only reads your current heart rate but can compare it to your estimated maximum heart rate (EMHR) in order to calculate relative Heart Rate. This is displayed on the watch face as a user friendly, readable percentage, something which can be useful in assessing the overall cardio-fitness of a person. In addition, Heart Rate Zone Alert also has a number of other useful applications by being set to sound an alarm when heart rate falls out of a ‘target zone’ e.g. which may be necessary as part of a regimented training regime or when for health reasons heart rate should not be pushed above a specific level. The total amount of time throughout the workout spent in each ‘zone’ i.e. below target, in target and above target is broken down for the user to be able to monitor and compare performance.

Keep Good Time

In Current Time Mode there is a clock which can be set to 12 or 24hr format, daily alarm mode and calendar function displaying the day of the week and date to keep you on track.

In Timer Mode the watch can measure elapsed time at an accuracy of 1/100 seconds up to a maximum range of 23hours, 59minutes and 59 seconds. This is ideal for monitoring lap times which can be stored in the watch for review at a later date either as a single lap value or as a total accumulative value for all laps

Technical Details

Design (Colour, Pattern, Motif, Series)

Colour Black

Electrospecific Properties

Measuring Range - Heart Rate 30 - 240 Beats per Minute
Stopwatch Function Yes


Battery Type CR2032
Number of Batteries 2

Size & Weight

Height mm
Length 260 mm
Weight 87 g
Width 46 mm

Physical Properties

Backlit Display Yes
Calendar Function Yes
Chest Strap Yes
Distance Measurement Function Yes
Fat burning Indicator Yes
Finger Touch Sensor No
Lap Counter Yes
Material Plastic Material
Measurement of Training Time Yes
Measures Burnt Calories Yes
Pedometer Function Yes
Puls Alarm Indicator Yes
Pulse Watch Function Yes
Watch Function Yes
Waterproof Yes


2 years legal warranty only


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