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Hama Optical, Active HDMI™ Cable, Plug-Plug, gold-plated, 10 m


10 m 15 m 20 m

Enjoy films in HDR, ultra-HD and 4K. Turn your living room into a home cinema: instead of flickering and crackling, enjoy high-resolution graphics and thrilling sound. Our active optical HDMI™ cable transfers sound and image defect-free, even over long distances, thanks to fibre-optics.

  • AOT transmits HDMI™ signals via fault-immune light waves, allowing the optimised, loss-free transfer of 4K data even over long distances
  • HDMI™ cable for perfect, high-resolution ultra HD cinema quality 4096x2160 (4k) pixels
  • High-quality materials and separately shielded lines for excellent picture and sound quality without interference
  • Integrated channel for transmitting network data with up to 100 Mbit/s
  • Return of the audio signal without additional audio cable (ODT, RCA etc.)
  • 24 K gold-plated plug for improved contact quality and optimal signal transmission
  • Robust metal plug with the best shielding for reliable signal transmission
  • Flexible materials guarantee optimum kink protection and prevent cable breakage
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Delivery time: 1-3 working days
132,00 EUR

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Item No.: 00122201
GTIN: 4047443424525

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Disposal information

Innovative light wave technology

with our HDMITM active optical cable

Rainy days are cinema days. But who wants to walk through town to the cinema when it’s pouring with rain outside? You would much rather make yourself comfy on the sofa and project a thrilling blockbuster onto the wall with your projector.

You press Play and open a packet of crisps; but after just a few scenes, the fun has already come to an end. The sound is like the roar of a waterfall, the picture jerks and flickers. This won’t happen with our HDMITM active optical cable: You can enjoy brilliant sound and high-resolution images. The light wave technology enables transmission of audio and image data without losses – even over long distances. So you get a real cinema feeling in your living room!

Slim, light and flexible

Signal transmission via fibre optic technology

The perfect boys’ night in: beer, pizza and the German football league. The countdown to the starting whistle has begun – it’s time to connect the TV to the projector. But no, the cable is too short – how embarrassing! Our HDMITM cable with Active Optical Technology (AOT) is of the required length, and is ideal for your home cinema. Unlike with other HDMITM cables, image and sound signals are transmitted not through copper cables but using light waves.

And this is how it works:

A chip in the source connector – which is plugged into a computer, for example – converts the electrical signal into an optical signal. The light wave signal is now transmitted through the fibre-optic cable. It is converted back into an electrical signal in a chip in the display connector, which is plugged into a screen or projector. This new technology is resistant to interference, even over large distances. For spellbinding sound and a high-resolution picture experience in 4K, Ultra HD and HDR.

Due to the light wave technology, our HDMITM cable is also very compact, light, and extremely flexible. With its small diameter of just a few millimetres, the 4K cable fits perfectly in very small cable ducts and empty conduits. So there’s no cable clutter to interfere with your perfect film enjoyment.

High-quality cables and optimised kink protection

Our HDMITM cable with fibre optic technology is also ideal for meetings and presentations. The high-quality materials and separately shielded lines enable excellent, interference-free image and sound transmission. Gold-plated connectors improve contact quality and signal transmission. The optimised kink protection prevents cable breakage and makes our cables extremely durable.

Technical Specs

Design (Colour, Pattern, Motif, Series)
Colour Black
Shade of colour Black
Connectivity (Connection)
Connection HDMI™ Plug
Data Transfer Rate 18 Gbit/s
Electrospecific Properties
Max. Resolution 4k (4096 x 2160)
Technology HDR
Physical Properties
Additional Functions HDMI™ Ethernet Channel (HEC), HDTV-suitable
Integrated Audio Return Channel (ARC)
Material Full metal
Special Feature Gold-Plated
Size & Weight
Bandwidth 600 MHz
Length 10 m

More product information

  • High speed transmission of digital audio and video data between e.g. Blu-ray player, satellite receiver and TV set
  • 3D transmission via extended bandwidth
  • High speed transmission of up to 18 Gbit/s for all image and sound standards from a bandwidth of 600 MHz
  • Image resolution: 3840 x 2160 - 24 Hz/25 Hz/30 Hz/50 Hz/60 Hz, 4096 x 2160 - 24 Hz
  • Colour space: 30/36/48 bit
  • Transfer of 8PCM, Dolby Digital, DTS, MPEG, DVD audio, SACD, Dolby Digital Plus, True HD and dts-HD audio data
  • Transmission of the type of player via ACE (Automatic Content Enhancement)
  • HDMI™ CEC support (Consumer Electronics Control)
  • With connection identifier on the plugs (source - display)

What's in the Box

  • 1 optical, active HDMI™ cable

Note for Consumers

This cable is directional. The plug with the display identifier must be connected to the TV, projector or amplifier


2 years legal warranty only
Terms of Warranty

 In-house test and quality seal
, QC passed by Hama Germany