Hama "KC-600" Waterproof Keyboard, Cabled, black

Keyboard wired

Horrified by a close-up look at your keyboard? It's where all the crumbs from various snacks end up, along with flakes of skin and sticky residue. So how do you get all this out of the crevices? Ideally by rinsing it under running water - with our waterproof keyboards, you can!

  • Protection against temporary immersion to IPX7
  • Tilt adjustment allows the position to be adjusted for greatest comfort
  • Laser-etched buttons for a high resistance to wear
  • The full-format keypad provides you with the full-sized, familiar keyboard standard
  • Control multimedia functions at the press of a button via the secondary assignment of Fn keys - without having to involve the tedious steps of changing system settings


39,99 EUR

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Item: 00182682
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