Hama "EWS-3200" Weather Station, white

Weather Station

Just right for hobby meteorologists! This weather station gives you more information than even the daily weather channel. If temperature, air pressure and air humidity are not enough, let the current phases of the moon guide you or help you check whether the indoor climate air is healthy.

  • DCF radio clock which automatically adjusts to the world's most accurate clock
  • Outdoor sensor with temperature and air humidity display
  • Adjustable temperature (max. and min. value) triggers an alarm and will wake you up in time for scraping ice off the car windows or for darkening rooms when it is hot
  • Trend display for atmospheric pressure: rising, settled, falling
  • Shows the current phases of the moon - from new moon to waning moon
  • The time zone can be set manually if the DCF time differs from that of the time zone
  • Setting of the alarm times as working day alarm that is active from Monday to Friday
  • Comfort indicator shows state of indoor climate with three symbols: neutral face, laughing face and sad face
  • Touch sensor for comfortable activation of the backlight and snooze function


58,00 EUR

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