Hama Purifier and air humidifier, 5 x filter, Hepa, filters viruses, pollen

Air Purification Device

Pollen, pet hair, mites, viruses and bacteria in the air we breathe? They can cause allergies, asthma and other conditions. Our air purifier with multi-filter and air humidifier removes even the tiniest particles, germs and bad odours and increases the humidity of the air if required.

  • Twice as effective good for a healthy indoor climate: 2in1 combination unit consisting of air purifier and humidifier
  • Say goodbye to dry room air: the optional air humidifier lets you reduce the risk of respiratory diseases and eye irritations – perfect for the winter when the air is dry due to central heating
  • Perfect for allergy sufferers – the air filter removes 99.95 % of all viruses, pollen and other allergens such as animal hair, house dust and pollutants down to a size of 0.3µm from the room air
  • Powerful 5-way filter: multiple filtering for hygienic room air thanks to a coarse aluminium filter, pre-filter, Hepa (H13) filter and activated charcoal filter with additional cold catalytic converter layer
  • For large rooms: The air purifier delivers reliable filtering with an air purification rate of 330 m³/h, even in rooms up to 85 m² in size
  • Release the catch, remove at an angle, fill: filling and cleaning the water tank is quick and easy – 600 ml of water is sufficient for approx. eight hours of air humidification
  • Quiet operation (48 dB) with extra-quiet sleep mode (30 dB): the room air is cleaned almost silently for undisturbed, pleasant sleep. The display even switches off to prevent the light source from disturbing your sleep
  • Healthy air: the air sensor analyses the room air and automatically adjusts the fan speed to eliminate particles
  • Extra cleaning power with ionic air purifier: with the optional anion function, even the tiniest particles clump together to form large clusters which are more easily filtered out – for pure, clean air


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