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Hama "Anti-Bluelight+Anti-bact." 3D Full-Screen Prot. Gl. for iPhone 12 / 12 Pro

Display protection with a health benefit! The display glass with antibacterial surfaces makes the screen a no-go area for bacteria and viruses. The integrated blue light filter protects the eyes. For worry-free swiping, tapping and calling!

  • Filters the blue light emissions from LED and LCD displays that are harmful to the retina of the eye for stress-free screen viewing
  • The antibacterial surface with highly efficient silver ions inhibits the growth of micro-organisms
  • Especially durable and sturdy screen protector made of toughened glass
  • Maximum scratch protection thanks to 10H Nano Tech coating
  • "Perfect touch" surface with anti-fingerprint coating
  • Easy-On: Attachment aids to simplify attaching the protective glass using an innovative Easy-On mounting frame
  • Antistatic microfibre cloth for cleaning the sensitive display
  • Case-friendly: Fits all cases, covers and sleeves thanks to the special design
On Stock
Delivery time: 1-3 working days
29,99 EUR

VAT included plus shipping costs

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Item No.: 00188659
GTIN: 4047443448224

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Is accessory of
Is accessory of

3-in-1 glass display protector:

Smartphone protection that also benefits your health

The smartphone is a device we use every day – life without a smartphone is unimaginable. At the same time, using a smartphone brings some disadvantages, particularly with regard to our health. Constantly looking at the screen exposes us to a high amount of blue light. If, after working at a PC and laptop during the day, you use your smartphone in the evening to check Facebook, exchange messages with friends and family using WhatsApp, and to watch a few YouTube videos, then you’re getting too much blue light. Added to this is the fact that we constantly hold the phone in our hand – and not always with hands that have just been washed. But is this a good enough reason to use our smartphones less, or even dispense with them? You don’t have to go so far: Hama, as always, has the perfect solution. One glass display protector – three functions: display protection, integrated blue light filter, antimicrobial surface.

The Terminator among glass display protectors

High-end complete protection

If a smartphone is dropped on stairs, stone floors or tiles, the display is normally the first casualty. Instead of looking at a crystal-clear touchscreen, it ends up looking more like a spider’s web. Be on the safe side! With a glass display protector, scratches or even cracks on the sensitive smartphone screen are a thing of the past.

Maximum protection for the display: With Hama protection class 11 (out of 11), your smartphone is afforded the maximum possible display protection. High-quality materials and the fit of the protective glass ensure that you can take the device with you everywhere without any need for concern: Beneath the protective glass, the display is totally safe from scratches, shocks and impacts.

The coating with its use of nanotechnology contributes to this: Here, 10H means that the glass is ten times harder than glass and would therefore withstand hammer blows, for instance. Extreme resistance to scratches and impacts is thus ensured.

Anti-blue light filter:

for strain-free smartphone use

If your eyes itch and burn in the evenings, it’s a sign that too much blue light has reached the retina. Blue light means stress on the eyes and also on the body: Too much blue light inhibits the production of melatonin, our sleep hormone. Besides eye irritation, the effects include sleep disturbances, which in turn can have far-reaching effects on health. To enable you to look at the smartphone display without worrying about the harmful effects of blue light, we have developed a glass display protector with an integrated blue light filter. This blue light filter retains the normal colour brilliance and clarity of the smartphone display – unlike the blue light filter that you can set directly on the smartphone, which gives the display a yellow tint. Children likewise use smartphones: The glass display protector with blue light filter simply stays on and cannot be turned off like the filter on the smartphone.

Antimicrobial coating

Swipe, tap and phone without worry

Toilet seats are often cleaner than our smartphone displays, which carry bacteria, viruses and fungal spores. The smartphone is constantly in our hand. Take shopping, for example: We grasp the shopping trolley, then use the smartphone, touch our face – a disaster in cold and flu season. You can either constantly wash and disinfect your hands and the display. Or you can make it easier for yourself with our glass display protector with antimicrobial surface. Highly effective silver ions are incorporated into the surface of the glass. These silver particles inhibit the growth of microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses and fungi. A germ-free smartphone display – a lower risk of infection!

Perfect fit

As well as covering the entire active area of the display, 3D full-screen protective glass also protects the rounded edges. The full front of the smartphone is therefore reliably protected.

In addition, the ‘case-friendly’ design ensures that the display protector can also be used in combination with a mobile phone case without compromising the secure fit of the glass. This way you create the perfect duo to help your smartphone reach its maximum lifespan.


High-end smartphone with fingermarks on the display? That’s just not on! The Hama protective glass therefore has a perfect touch surface with anti-fingerprint coating. This reduces fingerprints and ensures a flawless appearance for longer.

Easy to fit thanks to mounting aid

With the ‘Easy-On Frame’, attaching the glass display protector has never been so easy! It allows you to position the protective glass precisely around the smartphone display edges so it sits perfectly at the first attempt, and the display is provided with top protection in record time.

Technical Specs

Design (Colour, Pattern, Motif, Series)
Colour Transparent
Line Anti-Bluelight + Antibakt.
Product Division Mobile Phone
Productline Prime Line
Shade of colour Transparent
Physical Properties
Mounting aid Easy-On Frame
Temper 10H
Protection Class 11
Field of Application
Recommended Use Mobile Phone
Service Product No
Smartphone Apple iPhone 12/12 Pro

More product information

  • 3D display protection glass for protection of the sensitive smartphone display against impacts, shocks and fingerprints
  • Perfect, unadulterated colour brilliance compared to the blue light filter integrated into the smartphone
  • Blue light means stress for the eyes and body: screen protection with a blue filter reduces eye irritation and sleep disturbance
  • Protects the entire front thanks to rounded edges
  • Scratch-resistant, increasing the smartphone's service life and value
  • Precise cut-outs for the speaker
  • Easy to attach and to remove without leaving any residue
  • Designed in Germany

What's in the Box

  • 1 "Anti-Bluelight+Antibact." 3D full-screen protective glass
  • 1 Easy-On mounting Kit
  • 1 Easy-On mounting frame
  • 1 dust remover
  • 1 damp cleaning cloth
  • 1 microfibre cloth
  • 1 Easy-On installation instructions


2 years legal warranty only
Terms of Warranty

 In-house test and quality seal
, QC passed by Hama Germany