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TV wall brackets, TV stands and other accessories

For clever TV mounting

It is hard to imagine our homes without TVs. So it is all the more important that they can be easily incorporated into home interiors. With our practical and stylish TV wall brackets, your TV set blends in perfectly with any interior style. As a specialist in devices for hanging TVs, we use only the latest materials, technologies and ways of functioning. Be inspired by our innovative and unique solutions.

TV wall brackets

Unobtrusive and practical swivel brackets.

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TV stands

Stylish, freestanding mounting solutions for every requirement.

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Wall brackets

How to hang your large TV safely on the wall

At last you have a large TV! You’ll be able to identify the individual players when watching football. Or feel as if you are really there at the Ed Sheeran concert. Now there’s only the question of how to mount the large screen safely to the wall. And what is the perfect viewing height?

Our TV wall brackets are suitable for hanging TVs up to 90 inches. Safety is, of course, a top priority. Our wall brackets are therefore TÜV-certified.

How heavy is the TV?

First of all, it is important to know how heavy your TV is. Our wall brackets are designed to hold a maximum weight of 100 kg. Generally speaking, this is sufficient for all consumer models available on the market.

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The perfect viewing distance and the optimal height

The optimal viewing distance is particularly important when installing your TV. After all, you want to watch TV comfortably, which means not having to constantly move your head back and forth, or damage your eyes because you are sitting too close to the TV set. At the same time, the further the TV is from the sofa, the more difficult it will be for you to read information or subtitles. For a 65-inch TV, we recommend a viewing distance of 3–5 metres. The optimal height varies according to the individual installation. As a rule of thumb, the centre of the TV should be at eye level when you are sitting on your couch.

However, our wall brackets offer you a good deal of flexibility here, as they can be precisely adjusted after installation.

TV stands

Are you looking for a no-drill solution and full flexibility?

Besides clever wall bracket solutions, we offer a large number of flexible TV stands. They leave no wish unfulfilled, as no drilling is required and they can be positioned, and repositioned, exactly where you want. Whether you place your TV on a TV table in the traditional way, or display it perfectly on our floor stand. We have two models in the range with a very appealing design. They are very well suited to modern, open living spaces. Our strength lies in special solutions such as these.

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Space-saving, individual and modern

Thanks to their slim design, our floor stand and also our TV bases and table-top stands take up little space. Many new TVs come with feet that are too widely spaced to fit on old TV furniture. With a base from Hama, your new TV can be placed on your existing TV furniture. And if you like to rearrange your home on a regular basis, then you can easily reposition the floor stand with the TV mounted on it.

Through use of latest technologies, materials and ways of functioning, and through continuous development of our products, we offer modern TV stands for every living space.