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Get fit and stay fit

Even in the time of coronavirus

More motivation with our fitness trackers

Fitness studios, sports clubs and the like – they are all currently closed due to the coronavirus crisis. Added to this, you simply love food. Eating too much and exercising too little: not exactly conducive to a normal weight and good health. The distances between your desk, fridge and sofa are too short to burn up additional calories. Nevertheless, keeping fit is more important than ever right now. More movement and good nutrition are called for.

What is often lacking is the necessary motivation. We have the perfect tip on how to get motivated at home: with our fitness trackers.

Hama fitness trackers

Provide the motivational boost you need

The fitness trackers are available in three sizes and have many functions. Operation is very easy using a free app. You can set step goals, and check in the app or on the tracker whether you have achieved them. You can also view the number of calories you burn each day. A movement reminder will tell you when it’s time to get up from the office chair again.

Fit Track "1900" Fit Track "3900" Fit Track "5900"

Our trackers also monitor your sleep quality: Good sleep is important for keeping fit and healthy. You can view the analysis in detail likewise in the app.

These figures and data provide the motivational boost you need.

Voluntary corona data donation

to the


To carry out research into the coronavirus, it is important to gather as much data as possible. In collaboration with the e-health company Thryve, and with the involvement of the German Federal Data Protection Commissioner, the Robert Koch Institute has therefore developed an app to help scientists gain a better understanding of the spread of the novel coronavirus. Besides washing your hands and maintaining distance from others, you can help fight against the coronavirus by donating your fitness data.

The data donation app is intended to provide supplementary information on the main areas of infection. In addition, it is intended to help in monitoring the effectiveness of coronavirus measures. The app records resting pulse, sleep and activity data, among other things. These vital signs change with a respiratory disease such as COVID-19. Furthermore, personal data such as gender, age and postcode is transmitted.

More information on the app

You can help with just a few clicks

How do I connect the data donation app to the Hama fitness tracker?

First download the Hama FIT app or the Yoho Sports app if you have not already done so, and set up the fitness tracker.

After that, download the data donation app. Then share the data, enter your postcode and connect the fitness bracelet to the app.

  1. Link the Hama fitness tracker with the Hama FIT app or Yoho Sports app
  2. Link the Hama FIT app or Yoho Sports app to the Google Fit / Apple Health app
  3. Link the Google Fit / Apple Health app to the corona data donation app
  4. Donate data

You can, of course, stop donating your data at any time.