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The perfect gift for everyone

Hama Christmas gift ideas

Christmas is in … 

Christmas is just around the corner and you ask yourself: What are the perfect Christmas gifts for the family? No doubt many of us are still looking for Christmas gift inspiration. In the run-up to Christmas, let yourself be inspired by Hama’s Christmas gift tips – and make eyes light up with the right gifts under the Christmas tree.

For a Christmas resonant with sound

Play the Christmas playlist up and down on a stylish device that produces perfect sound? As if Melanie Thornton and Chris Rea were singing directly under the Christmas tree? Our ‘DIR3200SBT’ digital radio makes it possible: Thanks to the many streaming possibilities, you can go on a short journey through the world of music and get to know international Christmas hits within your own four walls! In addition, the radio is a real eye-catcher in any location. The small all-rounder is guaranteed to go with all furnishings – whether in the bathroom, bedroom or kitchen.

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A speaker for anyone who wants more than just soft sounds

Christmas is known as a time for reflection – but that doesn’t mean you may only play calming tones. Our ‘Soundcup-D’ portable Bluetooth speaker will fill your Christmas with powerful sound – so that ‘Thank God It’s Christmas’ by Queen rings out under the Christmas tree. The portable speaker is a 2-in-1 model: There is the option to turn a mono speaker into a stereo speaker – for this purpose, the speaker can be simply split in two. Flawless sound under the Christmas tree is guaranteed!

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Christmas full of energy

Full of energy in the Christmas holidays: If our USB-C power pack is under the tree, a full battery for smartphones, tablets, and similar devices, is ensured. Whether at the Christmas meal, the giving out of gifts, or on your Christmas walk: There’s always enough power to take lovely photos, watch funny videos, or communicate with friends and family members who can’t be there.

Oh, you look stylish – a gift with style and function

The perfect present for style-conscious fashion fans: Our smartphone cross-body bags are a trendy ‘it’ piece. They are also practical: Despite you having both hands free, your smartphone is always ready to hand. No more having to search for your smartphone; no more accidental sitting on your phone. Our stylish lanyards are a timeless accessory that is ‘in’ all year round.

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Give joy

Personalised photo calendars for the desk are always a great Christmas gift. Our ‘La Fleur’ photo calendar is a custom gift guaranteed to bring joy. The calendar can be personalised with great sayings, recipes, beautiful photos or collages. A perfect DIY gift!

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Never do the eyes light up so beautifully as at Christmas time

A radiant smile, tears of joy, and a lot of love – this is what you would like to give at Christmas. Our beautiful picture frames allow you to do so. It doesn’t always have to be a photo: You can, of course, put a family photo or a portrait in the frame. But you may want to simply leave our insert in the frame. It turns the frame into a stylish design feature – even without a photo.

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