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The sound training you receive at Hama, an internationally-oriented company, is fun and interesting, and you will receive personal support. From day one, you will be able to play an active role and you will be individually supervised.


In the middle of the third training year, I had already received an offer in the assortment management. Thus, I could easily concentrate on the exams.

Peter Enhuber, marketing assistant apprenticeship in wholesale and foreign trade


  • Prospects

    Diverse employment prospects & promotion opportunities

    Hama plans for the long term. Therefore, our apprentices are expected to be employed and to grow into highly productive experts. We at Hama want to support and challenge our apprentices. Are you highly motivated, constantly perform very well and take responsibility for your education? Then there is nothing else in the way of your personal success!
  • Support

    Extensive Support

    Two advisors in the Human Resources department provide extensive support. Approximately 150 instructors in each specialised department are available for all questions. Moreover, we are represented in the ICC audit committee. Our JAV is available around the clock as the contacts for desires, suggestions and problems. They are organisers of various apprentice events (such as Meet & More).
  • Trade fairs

    Participation in trade fairs

    It is impossible to think of participating in trade fairs without our apprentices, as they support us through active collaboration as promoters, at the reception area or in the service department. Our apprentices’ support is needed especially at the IFA in Berlin. Of course, this requires extensive preparation for each trade fair. For this reason, our apprentices receive training on trade fairs as well as courses on our products.
  • Seminars

    Seminars on IT, personal skills and technical topics

    Our apprentices receive special Outlook and Excel training courses that not only provide a solid basis for everyday life in the office, but also are an advantage at the professional college. We optimally prepare our apprentices for the professional world with trade fair, sales and telephone training sessions.
  • Team-Days

    Team training sessions and excursions

    Regular apprentice excursions, such as to Nuremberg’s harbours and to the GLS depot, are of course part of our experience. A Team Day is organised at the beginning of every new training year. Our apprentices are able to get to know each other better and to make new contacts.

    A little glimpse into Team Day 2015
    Team Day 2015 began with an introduction of the apprentices (background and hobbies). Then, teams were created and team tasks were solved. To practise patience and teamwork, for example, apprentices had to untie the “Gordian Knot”. To strengthen trust, apprentices underwent a team exercise in which they were blindfolded and led by their partner through an obstacle course. The highlight of the day was definitely building a raft out of different materials such as bundles of wood, string, air cushions and a tarpaulin.

  • Examination stage

    Support during the examination stage

    We provide our apprentices with the best possible qualifications to adequately prepare for the exams. Besides seminars and exam preparation, our apprentices are also free to participate in study groups in which they can support one another. For technical questions, our numerous experts are always prepared to give detailed answers.
  • Practical study

    Practical study and individual support

    We regularly introduce our apprentices to new challenges and give them the chance to push their limits.

    Our apprentices actively work with us and receive ample responsibility over tasks and projects. We always show interest in each individual apprentices and their needs and desires. We provide individual support regarding strengths and weaknesses. Practicality is the main focus of the apprenticeship. We won’t just leave you stuck in a workshop. You will receive insights into the various contents of the job in our 50+ training divisions.


Do you want to get a first-hand look at your future career?


As an intern, your day starts normally at 08:00 and ends at 16:00. Our employees will be happy to show you everything that is important in the individual areas, and explain the processes to you and what skills are required. An internship at Hama gives you an advantage in your search for a future career, but it is not a prerequisite or guarantee for a future training position. After an internship, you will have gathered many new impressions and you will be one important step closer to deciding which qualified profession is right for you.


Are you interested in an internship spot at Hama? Then apply at the latest two months before the start of the internship using our online portal. Every year, we offer numerous internship opportunities for secondary school students.


Due to German law, we cannot employ interns younger than 15 years old. This age limit does not apply for required internships organised by schools.


we want to give you the opportunity to see if your expectations of your dream job match with the reality.

Manuela Winter, Junior human resources manager


What we value most: Specialists as instructors – first-hand information – always on the same page as our young employees. Our aim is to give our young people comprehensive knowledge and create a solid basis for their professional future.

The conditions for doing so are ideal at Hama: experienced specialists as educators, diverse challenges, the latest hardware and software and our commitment to challenge these young people with openness and fairness. Many of our instructors are members of the ICC audit committees and are therefore well informed of all of the latest professional developments.



for academic high school pupils
Student mentor
Team leader education & training

phone: +49 9091 / 502 - 299
fax: +49 9091 / 502 - 77299


for middle/secondary school pupils
Junior human resources manager

phone: +49 9091 / 502 - 6483
fax: +49 9091 / 502 - 776483



Apprentice Mentor

phone: 09091 / 502 - 6168
fax: 09091 / 502 - 776168

Customer Management

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