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For fresh and healthy indoor air - "Smart" air purifier with three-stage filter system (186437)

Fresh air – in theory, it is easy and cheap to get fresh air in your home, but in practice this is not always easy to implement.



MagCharge Car FC15 for fast charging in the car (187268)

The MagCharge Car FC15 from Hama allows fast wireless charging of the iPhone in the car.



A reliable training partner - "Fit Watch 5910" GPS smartwatch (178605+06)

Fitness trackers and smartwatches were already a sought-after sports accessory before the coronavirus pandemic.



"C-600 Pro" PC webcam (139992)

It has become an essential tool in every PC workspace: the webcam. Whether used for video conferences of the management team or for Zoom meetings for home schooling, webcams have proved themselves in the past year as essential aids.



For demanding gamers - uRage "SoundZ 800" 7.1 gaming headset (186024)

The dynamic uRage "SoundZ 800" 7.1 overhead headset therefore impresses with 7.1 virtual surround sound: Deep basses and clear trebles make game sounds sound even more realistic, and help gamers locate them in a flash.



"DR200BT" digital radio from Hama (173191)

Small, handy and portable; at the same time, reception is noise-free thanks to the latest DAB technology: We’re talking about the new "DR200BT" digital radio from Hama.



Camera Bags Made from Recycled Plastic Bottles (121301ff.)

Sustainability – this term has become more important than any other today. And Hama’s new camera cases made from recycled plastic bottles are the perfect fit for it.



‘Solid II, 21B’ tabletop tripod (4635)

Whether it’s for the yoga exercise, a climbing selfie or the make-up tutorial – the ‘Solid II, 21B’ tripod set from Hama guarantees blur-free images from every angle.



Hama takes over Messingschlager

In the context of future development, Hama has decided to enter another market field and to make the Hama group even broader.



12-in-1 USB-C docking station with notebook stand (200106)

Working from a home office is practical and, from a technical point of view, just as good as working in a traditional office. Well almost.



CO2 measuring device for a healthy room climate (186434)

Bringing fresh air into a room in short bursts is one of the main recommended actions to help prevent transmission of the virus.



Hama digital radio and tuner with RX/TX technology (54234 + 54239)

In practice, you quickly come to appreciate this Bluetooth technology.



The notebook power supply unit that can do more (200016 + 210592)

Today you’re working from your home office; tomorrow in the company office; and the day after tomorrow, hopefully, you’ll be going on a business trip again.



FM transmitter with Bluetooth and hands-free function (14165)

New mobile phone, but old car radio. This prevents you from playing your favourite playlist from your smartphone up and down on the car radio.



Phone covers with integrated cosmetic mirror (188759 ff.)

For women, it’s often an indispensable companion: the handbag. For those occasions when the handbag is simply too much, Hama has released the ‘Mirror’ iPhone covers – practical everyday aids that are also real eye-catchers.



"Style" Bluetooth earphones (177057-58, 184063)

Less sitting still, more movement. Ideally with music in your ear, but without tangled cables.



LED ring lights – perfect for bloggers and vloggers (4642 + 43)

A LED ring light is a must-have for influencers: It gives the finishing touches to vlogs and blog posts.



Flexible and smart – "MyVoice1300" from Hama (177060)

Have your hands free when phoning, no matter where you are. This works very comfortably with the "MyVoice1300" wireless headset from Hama.



WLAN outdoor camera (176576 + 77)

To some, it means added security. Others value being able to know what is happening on one’s property.



uRage ‘Reaper 600’ high-precision gaming mouse (186055)

Fast and precise – these are standard requirements for today’s gaming mice. Besides fulfilling these requirements, the "Reaper 600" gaming mouse from the uRage brand is capable of far more.



BT Speaker Sound 2.0: Compact and robust (173193 + 94)

Music is always with you on your smartphone, but if you want good sound, you need an external speaker.



Designer backpack for notebooks (185690-93)

If you commute between your home office and a traditional office several times a week, you will appreciate the advantages of a notebook.



Wireless freedom with the Hama ‘LiberoBuds’ earphones (177064-66, 184064-66)

Phone your best friend while cycling, or chop vegetables in time with the beat when cooking – your favourite sound directly in your ear, without cable mess and with maximum freedom of movement.



‘KC-600’ waterproof keyboard (182682)

Coffee spillage on the desk, or a deep clean is simply necessary again after intensive use – computer keyboards have to go through quite a lot each day.



Hama ‘MW-600’ wireless mouse with USB-A and USB-C receivers (182616)

Use a single mouse to control a PC and a laptop – when working with more than one computer, whether in the home office or in the traditional workplace, users often desire greater flexibility.



TV on a slim base (118097)

The new TV impresses with top picture quality; it is super flat, and looks very elegant thanks to its barely visible, narrow frame. However, the overall appearance is spoilt by a clunky base in the middle, or by legs that flare to the sides.



Environmentally-friendly notebook power supplies from Hama (200000 - 200015)

A reduction in carbon dioxide emissions of 500,000 tonnes per year, simply through environmentally friendly notebook power supplies – that is the aim of the new EuP3 Directive, also known as the Ecodesign Directive, which came into force on 1 April 2020.



Ergonomically designed, vertical left-handed mouse (182696 + 182697)

There are many products on the market for left-handers – scissors, pens, knives, for instance. They help make the everyday lives of left-handed people easier. The accessories manufacturer Hama has released a mouse that not only is made specially for left-handed users, but also meets the highest ergonomic standards thanks to its vertical design.



Full-HD WiFi camera with motion sensor and night vision function (176566)

Keeping an eye on everything – from the sleeping baby and the grandmother in need of care, to the puppy being trained to be alone. But the WiFi camera from Hama can do more than just keep watch.



The ‘Soldier’ mobile Bluetooth speaker (173187-88)

Festivals, camping holidays or a white-water rafting tour – there are plenty of outdoor activities to do with family or friends. But when participating in such activities, you simply must have the right sound.



12-in-1 USB-C docking station (135761)

USB-C has simplified a lot of things in the mobile data world. There is now just one connection socket for many devices. However, the problem of too few connections – as in the case of notebooks, for instance – remains.



Dashcam with ultra wide-angle lens (136698)

Often it is minor damage that causes emotions to run high. The ‘60’ dashcam from Hama, which is mounted to the windscreen using a suction cup, quickly sheds light on events leading up to an accident.



The power outlet becomes smart (176552)

In the hotly discussed field of networked living, accessories supplier Hama has committed to reducing inhibitions and fears around technology.



‘Gamer’ charging and data cable (187220-23)

When gaming on a smartphone, it’s always at the most exciting point in the game that the smartphone battery runs out of steam – this is seemingly one of the unwritten laws of the digital age.



Hybrid radio in a trendy fabric design (54228+54230)

There is now a great variety of digital radios available on the market, to suit every taste. But in matters of design, a lot of radios do not yet look good – often they are plain-looking and reduced to the essentials.



Digital radio alarm clock: perfect sound at any time (54231+54896)

Many people find it easier to get up in the morning if they wake up to good sound. With the new DR 36 SBT digital radio alarm clock from Hama, there is an almost limitless choice of music: In addition to the varied DAB offering, traditional FM radio stations are available for selection.



Hama USB-C power pack with a 26,800-mAh capacity (54175)

In the bus, on the platform or in the mountain hut – the beauty of notebooks is that you can choose to work almost anywhere you want rather than being tied to your desk at home. But it’s not much good if the laptop runs out of power and there’s no power socket nearby.



TV wall bracket with an extra-long reach (108712)

A large TV does well in a generously sized room. However, it’s difficult if the room is divided into different areas and you want an optimum view of the TV set whichever area you’re in.



uRage gaming keyboard with Outemu Brown switches (186014)

There are different types of switches found in mechanical keyboards, each one having its own advantages. Outemu Brown switches are considered to be the perfect balance for gaming and typing.



‘uRage SoundZ 700 7.1’ gaming headset (186001)

True gamers who want to really immerse themselves in the digital world will opt for a gaming headset. The new ‘SoundZ 700 7.1’ gaming headset from uRage is a full-stereo model that guarantees deep basses and clear trebles with its 7.1 virtual surround sound.


21 Aug 2019

“Smooth” monopod with folding base (4468)

Monopods are a quick alternative to tripods when the latter would take too long to set up. ...

21 Aug 2019

“Touch” Bluetooth headphones (184027 + 184028)

The swipe gestures on a smartphone or tablet have become second nature to most of us. ...

21 Aug 2019

uRage Gaming Keyboard with glaring light effects (186011)

Fast response times and a good pressure point – the two important things for a gaming keyboard. ...

6 Aug 2019

DVB-T antennas: now trendy eye-catchers (132191-93)

If we’re honest, indoor antennas are seldom a visual highlight. More often than not, one is tempted to put this necessary but dull aid behind the TV....

6 Aug 2019

Headphones with voice control (184052-54)

Because they’re easy, convenient and practical to use! These are the three most important arguments in favour of Bluetooth headphones with voice control....

5 Aug 2019

TV stand with an easel design (118099)

A TV must neither hang on the wall nor stand on protruding furniture that takes up more space than one would like....

5 Aug 2019

Retro-look "KC-500" keyboard (00182674 + 75)

The retro look continues to enthuse designers around the world. With the classic design of the ‘KC-500’ keyboard, Hama shows that the retro style does not have to stop at the desk....

6 Aug 2019

Avinity is ready for 8K and HDMI 2.1

8K devices promise technology enthusiasts a revolution in how the screen looks....

8 Aug 2019

Two new uRage gaming mice (186015 and 186016)

Precise movements and optimal ergonomics are two important points for a gaming mouse....

6 Aug 2019

Thomson: Full concentration with the right headphones

If you have hearing loss, turning up the volume of your TV or hi-fi system is inevitable. This can quickly lead to arguments with family members or even with the neighbours if the walls in your home are inadequately soundproofed....


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