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New accessories for PlayStation 4

Convenient Solutions for the PS4

Hama, the accessories specialist, is introducing new gadgets for the PlayStation 4 to make gaming even more fun. For example, three different 7-in-1 accessories packages for the Dualshock 4 controller that improve ergonomic handling and give the controller a stylish new look.

Of course, in addition to a good grip and an attractive exterior, it’s what’s inside that counts. To make sure your controllers are never left high and dry when it comes to power, the Mini and Black Thunder charging stations give them the energy they need.

The Mini basic charging station has space for one PS4 controller so it doesn’t take up much room, while the USB charging technology means it can be used as an expansion for existing charging stations. The Black Thunder charging station, on the other hand, has a plug-in power supply and two slots for PS4 gamepads. What’s more, two USB ports offer power for charging two additional PS4 controllers and other accessories such as smartphones, tablets and PS3 or Xbox controllers. The intelligent charging electronics always provide maximum power to the interface where the energy is needed.

If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to charge, the Black Thunder spare controller battery can help. It clips unobtrusively to the bottom of the controller so you can game for almost twice as long. The On/Off button allows you to control the charging current. Once this battery is empty, you can simply recharge it in the Hama Mini or Hama Black Thunder charging station or the Hama Multistand 115455.

All the products in our PlayStation 4 accessories range are available from well-stocked retailers.

Item no. 115464 Blue Camo 7-in-1 accessories package;

Item no. 115465 Soccer 7-in-1 accessories package;

Item no. 115466 Undead 7-in-1 accessories package;

Item no. 115467 Black Thunder spare controller battery;

Item no. 115468 Mini basic charging station for PS4;

Item no. 115469 Black Thunder charging station for PS4;



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