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Balancing Scooter Made in Germany

Hama Charting New Paths

Hoverboard, self-balancing scooter, mini-Segway. There are countless names for this trend of transportation on two wheels, which is currently spilling over from the USA to Europe. At the same time, there are increasing media reports and private videos on social media showing igniting batteries or boards stopping abruptly. These disastrous safety problems pose incalculable risks to life and limb — but this does not have to be the case. Hama has taken on the topic and will present the safe Balancing Scooter at the Internationale Funkausstellung trade fair in Berlin.

Safety You Can Trust
Like so often in life, safety and fun do no have to contradict one another. The two actually go hand in hand, as Hama is now showing with its two Balancing Scooters. In cooperation with the German company Wheelheels, which has been dealing with the complex question of individual e-mobility since 2012, Hama developed technically sophisticated and well-thought-out products instead of mass-produced goods.

Developed, designed, produced and tested in Germany
The development team is working together with the most creative minds from recognised German universities for design, engineering and electronic technology. Fresh ideas and unusual concepts are incorporated into the development and the design of the products.

The individual parts are assembled in Germany. Each component is individually tested several times, as is the finished scooter.

All electronic inspections and approvals are carried out by recognised and impartial bodies in Germany. The triple approval principle is applied in order to produce safe products that deliver a strong performance in riding pleasure. In cooperation with a German battery manufacturer the source of energy was devised that adheres to all vital safety standards and features all appropriate protective circuitry. Blazing batteries or riders being catapulted by suddenly stopping boards are thereby ruled out.

Slalom Cruiser and Cross Cruiser
As a first step Hama are presenting two different models to the IFA in Berlin. The compact Slalom Cruiser is extremely manoeuvrable due to its 16.5 c.m. solid rubber tyres and as its name already says, it is ideal for firm surfaces and tight corners. The Cross Cruiser is somewhat bigger, more robust and completely all-terrain. The tubed tyres with a diameter of 25.4 c.m. deliver stability even on bumpy ground and actually make riding on non-tarred roads a lot of fun.

Item No. 109860; Cross Cruiser
Item No. 109861; Slalom Cruiser



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