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One cable – two pairs of headphones

Duo audio adaptor cables from Hama

Anyone with headphones that have a removeable cable will probably have consciously opted for that feature. Maybe they want to be able to plug in on either side, or switch to a flexible spiral cable, or use a high-quality cable to minimise sound distortions. That’s often the most compelling argument.

But if one wanted to connect this type of headphones to an adaptor so that two people could share the same audio source, one generally had to accept a loss of quality. That’s because neither pair of headphones is connected directly to the playback device, but rather they’re connected via an additional adaptor component.

Now Hama presents a 1.2-metre Duo adaptor cable with its own integrated adaptor. Now the high-quality headphones can be connected directly to the tablet, mp3 player or smartphone. The second pair of headphones can be plugged into the adaptor integrated into the cable. Now nothing stands in the way of listening to music and watching films together. The 3.5-mm stereo plugs on both ends are gold-plated. The shielded wires ensure excellent, interference-free sound quality.

Item No. 00122361 "Duo" Audio Cable



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