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Mounting accessories for GoPro action cameras

Sport and technology – nowadays they are inevitably linked together. The same is true for photography and video recordings. With the rise of the GoPro action cameras, taking photos and, in particular, recording videos have found their way to the technophile sports enthusiast. At this year’s photokina in Cologne, Hama is presenting some practical accessories for these small film cameras.

Helmet strap for GoPro action cameras
The helmet strap for GoPro action cameras helps in capturing videos from a head-level angle while engaged in any imaginable sport: fast ski runs, mountain bike tours or daring climbing tours – simply anywhere where a helmet is worn.
A 360-degree rotating connection adapter ensures various recording angles. The attachment to the ventilation slots prevents the strap from slipping or getting lost; your hands remain free.

Chest strap for GoPro action cameras
The chest strap for GoPro action cameras helps in recording sports videos while playing football, canoeing, performing gymnastics or engaged in other activities where a helmet-mounted camera is not used. The elastic strap is easy to put on; the camera is attached to the quick-release fastener, and is thus held securely. Simply lock the camera in place, and impressive videos and photos are captured from chest height, allowing hands to remain free.

Bar mounting for GoPro action cameras
Hama offers bar mounts in two sizes for all kinds of sports on wheels. Available for tubes measuring from 1.6 cm to 4.0 cm and from 2.5 cm to 6.2 cm in diameter, the mounts are attached to the handlebars of mountain bikes, motorbikes or quad bikes. They are, of course, also suitable for capturing interesting views from a ski or trekking pole. There are no limits to your imagination, as the three-way pivot arm enables you to record from all imaginable angles.

Item No. 4419 Helmet strap 360° für GoPro
Item No. 4358 Chest strap für GoPro
Item No. 4362 Helmet Strap for GoPro
Item No. 4375 Bar mounting ‘Small’ für GoPro
Item No. 4399 Bar mounting ‘Large’ für GoPro



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