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Desk lamp with charging functions

Light and charge

Light and charge – the basic functions of the new SL 65 desk lamp from Hama could be described so simply. But a second glance reveals the sophisticated functions of the LED model.

Many of us are all too familiar with the following situation: laptop, files, documents and – somewhere amid the chaos on the desk – a mobile phone and tablet with connected charging cable. And all this in an environment with poor light conditions. Hama is bringing to market a new LED lamp that not only puts the work desk in the right light but also gives power to your devices. A Qi charger for wireless charging of smartphones and suchlike is integrated in the base of the swivel office lamp; there is an additional USB port for powering further terminal devices. The lamp offers four different types of lighting, which you can select at the push of a button, so that the right light is applied depending on requirements. A combination of warm and cool-white light for reading mode; cool, short-wave light for focussed working; long-wave and warm for tranquil mode, to promote relaxation. The sleep mode with soft warm-white light is ideal if you want subdued background lighting or a light at bedtime to fall asleep. The slim LED lamp with its simple and subtle design cuts a fine figure in any environment.

Item No. 112298 "SL 65" LED Desk Lamp with charging function



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