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‘Gamer’ charging and data cable

Full freedom of movement

When gaming on a smartphone, it’s always at the most exciting point in the game that the smartphone battery runs out of steam – this is seemingly one of the unwritten laws of the digital age. A powerbank lets you avoid having to play the remaining levels right by a power socket; but there’s no real fun with a protruding charging cable, not to mention the risk of cable breakage.

Hama has therefore released the ‘Gamer’ charging and data cable. Thanks to the U-shaped plug, the cable makes a 180-degree turn directly from the port on the smartphone, and then runs along the back of the device.

The space-saving plug shape is also ideally suited to places where there is little space for charging, for example, in a car or bag. A flexible woven jacket ensures additional kink protection and rounds off the features of the cable. It is available in four versions: with a USB-C (2 versions), Lightning or Micro-USB connection.

Item No. 187220 "Gamer" Charging/Data Cable, USB-A - Micro-USB, 1.5 m

Item No. 187221 "Gamer" Charging/Data Cable, USB-A - Lightning, 1.5 m

Item No. 187222 "Gamer" Charging/Data Cable, USB-A - USB-C, 1.5 m

Item No. 187223 "Gamer" Charging/Data Cable, USB-C - USB-C, 1.5 m



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