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Digital radio alarm clock: perfect sound at any time

Hama "DR36SBT" digital radio alarm clock

Many people find it easier to get up in the morning if they wake up to good sound. With the new DR 36 SBT digital radio alarm clock from Hama, there is an almost limitless choice of music: In addition to the varied DAB offering, traditional FM radio stations are available for selection. Furthermore, if you have a playlist stored on your smartphone, tablet or notebook, the alarm clock can access it via Bluetooth. A perfect way to start your day!

The DR 36 SBT digital radio has a mains connection. With its rounded shape, trendy fabric sections and compact outer dimensions (19 x 11 x 9.5 cm), it cuts a fine figure. The comparatively large display (approximately 10 x 4 cm) provides a good overview, and the backlight automatically adjusts to the current light conditions using a sensor. On the back of the radio is a USB-A socket, which you can use to supply power to a smartphone or tablet – important if, before going to sleep, you spent too long on the net with your mobile device. You can store up to 30 DAB and 30 traditional FM stations as presets; there are two direct selection buttons for storing and fast selection of your two absolute favourite stations. Stereo sound comes out of the two 2-W speakers, but can also be enjoyed discreetly using the integrated headphone connection.

With our radio alarm clock, you have a choice about how you would like to be woken in the morning. If you’re worried about falling back asleep after waking to your favourite music, you can choose to be woken by the buzzer instead. You can store two alarm times; in each case, you can set the days on which the alarm goes off. The radio alarm clock is also designed for convenience in the other direction. You can listen and fall asleep to your favourite music; it then switches off automatically using the configurable Sleep function. All in all, the Hama DR 36 SBT radio helps you to fall asleep relaxed and wake up in a good mood.

Item No. 54231 "DR36SBT" Digital Radio, FM/DAB/DAB+/Bluetooth, white
Item No. 54896 "DR36SBT" Digital Radio, FM/DAB/DAB+/Bluetooth, black



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