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6 Aug 2019

Headphones with voice control

IFA 2019, Hall 10.2

Because they’re easy, convenient and practical to use! These are the three most important arguments in favour of Bluetooth headphones with voice control. Hama is presenting three different models at the IFA in Berlin. All of them let you turn the music up or down or go to the next or previous track by giving the command. If the headphones are connected to a smartphone and the latter, in turn, is connected to the Internet, you can communicate directly with Siri or Google Assistant using voice commands. This means you can, for example, use Siri to send an e-mail or WhatsApp message or to make a call; or you can simply ask the assistant for the time or tomorrow’s weather. The mobile phone itself can remain in your backpack; you no longer have to hold it in your hand.

Two in-ear models, one on-ear version

Hama is launching three Bluetooth headphones with integrated microphone and practical voice control. The two in-ear models, ‘Voice Neck’ and ‘Voice Sport’, are very light and comfortable to wear despite their robust and chic metal housing. The ‘Voice Neck’ headphones are secured through a neckband; on the ‘Voice Sport’ model, ergonomically shaped ear hooks ensure a secure fit even if you’re jogging. The integrated remote control allows you not only to activate voice dialling, but also to accept phone calls and, if supported by your phone, control your music using the Play, Pause, Next track and Previous track functions.
The larger on-ear model works according to the same technical principle but offers even more comfort thanks to the soft cushions. Furthermore, it reduces unwanted ambient noise, so you can concentrate fully on your favourite sound, your phone call, or the announcement made by Siri or one of the other assistants.
All three Bluetooth headphones with voice control will be available in stores at the beginning of September.

Technical Details, Item No. 184052, Voice Neck

  • Max. Talk Time: 9 hours
  • Max. Standby: 120 hours
  • Average charging time: 2 hours
  • weight: 40 g
  • Bluetooth-Version: 4.2
  • Operating system: Bluetooth-capable smartphone/end device with Android 5.0 or higher, iOS 5.0 (from iPhone 4S) or higher

Technical Details, Item No. 184053, Voice Sport

deviating from modell 184052:

  • weight: 20 g

Technische Details Art.-Nr. 184054, Voice

deviating from modell 184052:

  • Max. Talk Time: 18 hours
  • Max. Standby: 375 hours
  • Average charging time: 3 hours
  • weight: 180 g



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