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Environmentally-friendly notebook power supplies from Hama

Mobile working and environmental protection

A reduction in carbon dioxide emissions of 500,000 tonnes per year, simply through environmentally friendly notebook power supplies – that is the aim of the new EuP3 Directive, also known as the Ecodesign Directive, which came into force on 1 April 2020. The requirements in respect of effectiveness and efficiency were increased, and idle energy consumption was reduced. The accessories manufacturer Hama has therefore adjusted its range of notebook power supplies to the current requirements, and fulfils different needs with energy-saving technology.

Products for power supply on the go, such as vehicle chargers, power packs or cigarette lighter power adapters, for instance, are available. For your home office, there is the well-known power supply with Europlug – including a USB-C connection – or a desktop charging station. Where various adapters are not already included, there is the possibility to order suitable products via the free adapter service. Housing optimisation, that is, smaller housing with a cable diameter that remains unchanged, is intended for all new notebook power supplies.

In addition, the packaging takes into account the concept of sustainability through reduced plastic usage and cooperation with certified and audited production partners.

Item. No. 200000 "Slim & Light" Universal Notebook Power Supply Unit, 19V/65W
Item. No. 200001 Universal Notebook Power Supply Unit, 15-19 V/45 W
Item. No. 200002 Universal Notebook Power Supply Unit, 15-19 V/65W
Item. No. 200003 Universal Notebook Power Supply Unit, 15-19 V/90W
Item. No. 200004 Universal Notebook Power Supply Unit, 12-22 V/90W
Item. No. 200005 Universal USB-C Power Supply Unit, Power Delivery (PD), 5-20V/45W
Item. No. 200006 Universal USB-C Power Supply Unit, Power Delivery (PD), 5-20V/65W
Item. No. 200008 "Slim & Light" Universal Car Notebook Power Supply Unit, 15 - 19 V/70W
Item. No. 200009 Universal Car Notebook Power Supply Unit, 15-24 V/120W
Item. No. 200010 Universal USB-C Car Notebook Power Supp. Unit,Power Delivery (PD), 5-20V/70W
Item. No. 200011 Universal USB-C Charging Station, Power Delivery (PD), 5-20V/65W
Item. No. 200012 Universal USB-C Power Pack, 26800 mAh, Power Delivery (PD), 5-20V/60W
Item. No. 200013 "Power" Car DC/AC Inverter, 150 W + USB
Item. No. 200014 USB Charger, 2-port, 5V/10.5W
Item. No. 200015 USB Car Charger, 2-port, 5V/10.5W



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