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You would like to have the 3D experience that you are familiar with from large cinema halls at home?

Transform your living room into a 3D cinema!

Together with the appropriate accessories a 3D television opens up new dimensions of the home cinema. Allow yourself to be convinced by extraordinary images with bright colours and fantastic contrasts and enjoy the world of three-dimensional entertainment.

Since our eyes are a certain distance apart, they send two slightly different images of the object they are viewing to the brain, each with its own perspective. Our brain combines this information and creates a single picture that allows us to perceive depth and other spatial relationships.

3D films are created in exactly the same way: special 3D cameras are equipped with two lenses that are usually spaced as far apart as our eyes. Just like our eyes, the camera focuses the image from the right and from the left at the same time. The two images are then processed into an HD signal, and the viewer perceives a 3D effect.

Without 3D glasses, you would only see a blurred double image on a normal 3D television. In this respect, all 3D glasses serve the same purpose: they make sure that each eye sees the half image it is meant to see. The only difference is a question of “how” the image is established, which comes down to the technology of the 3D screen.

TV sets that work with this technology simultaneously project images in both eyes. The image lines, however, are alternately projected into the left and right eye. On the TV display the even lines of an image are polarised into one, the odd lines into the other direction. To see this image in 3D special polarized glasses are needed. Their glasses pass only an appropriately polarized image on to the respective eye which creates the desired 3D effect in the brain.

This 3D technology does not make images flicker. Polarized glasses work “passively”, they function without batteries or rechargeable batteries.

    Advantages of the polarization technology:
  • The glasses are lightweight
  • Reasonably priced
  • Can be used independent of the manufacturer (also in cinemas)
  • Independent of power supply
  • The brightness of 3D pictures corresponds exactly to that of a normal 2D playback
  • Absolute image steadiness with no flicker

Hama’s product range includes a wide choice of polarized 3D glasses which allows you to easily find the right pair depending on your personal taste:

3D with Polarisation Glasses

Nowadays a lot of people own flat screen televisions, Blu-ray players or home cinema systems. But many of them do not know that modern audio and video devices only work perfectly if the right HDMI™ cables are used. Hama constantly offers a huge selection of 3D compatible HDMI™ cables.

High-Speed-HDMI™ Cable

High Speed HDMI™ Cable

High-Speed-HDMI™ Cable with Ethernet

High Speed HDMI™ Cable with Ethernet

3D televisions have a very sensitive surface which is why universal cleaning products are not suitable for them. Hama, however, have the smart solution: Special microfibre cloths and foam or gel cleaning products ensure that the sensitive surfaces are not damaged.

Cleaning & Care