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Camera supports for any situation

A camera support is a vital accessory for every set of photography equipment. Whether for a studio session, for travels or on the go, Hama offers the right camera support for every need.

You need a camera support to be well equipped for photography because even the most effective picture stabilisers are no magic bullet for avoiding blurriness caused by shaking. Camera supports are often a requirement to achieve the highest possible sharpness, particularly for large focal lengths and long exposure times. They are essential, too, for close-up shots, microphotography and macrophotography.

Let us show what to watch out for when selecting the right camera support.

What should be considered when choosing the right support?

Types of camera support

The first thing to decide when choosing the right camera support is which type of support suits your needs best. What you plan to use the support for later on is most important here.

An overview of the most common types of camera supports and their application

The classic tripod is renowned for its stability on uneven ground and can be used in any situation.

Flexible tripods
For special perspective shots, you need special fastening options for fastening your camera. Flexible tripods can be fastened anywhere, e.g. on trees, bars, etc.

These can be transported with ease, require little space and allow for longer exposure times or smaller apertures. They are ideally suited for sports and animal photography.

Special camera supports
For special photography requirements, the choice is endless. From supports for your car or table to supports that are held by suction cups or clamps.

Small and practical travel companions that can be used quickly and flexibly.

A compromise always has to be made when it comes to the weight of a camera support.
Stable camera supports are usually heavier, while camera supports that are easy to transport have less stability. You should be clear about the intended use when making a purchase. If you mostly go travelling or on photo safaris, you ought to consider a camera support with a low weight. The stability then has to be made up for by the material. The right material is important for finding the optimum balance between weight and stability.

The camera support material has a big influence on the weight and the response to vibrations, so special attention should be paid here.
There are different materials to choose from, depending on personal requirements for the transport weight or particular stability. Alongside trusted materials like wood, steel and basalt-fibre, aluminium and carbon play an important role in the optimum composition of camera supports. Aluminium and carbon allow weight to be kept low while providing a good response to vibrations and high stability.

  • Relatively light and stable
  • Good value for money
  • Very light and durable
  • Absorbs unwanted vibrations
  • Reflected in price (higher price segment)

The choice of camera support head depends on the intended use and personal preference. You have the choice between a ballhead and a three-way head.

  • Advantage: Quick adjustment in any direction.
  • Disadvantage: Panning and tilting only possible along one axis only and imprecise.
  • Intended use: Ideal for close-up shots, animal photography and much more
    Three-way head
  • Advantage: The camera position can easily be reproduced.
  • Disadvantage: Every axis must be set individually.
  • Intended use: Ideal for architecture shots, quick sport photography, panoramas and video recordings.

Omega Carbon series - stable and lightweight

This camera support series satisfies the greatest demands in stability, low weight and versatility. The carbon material ensures that any semi-professional photographer can easily transport it to a photo session. Rubber feet with a ball joint and extendible steel spikes provide for completely secure positioning, even in rough terrain. The stable 3D precision ball head is impressive. It features a separate ball and pan head lock, adjustable tension settings as well as a quick-release plate with a safety catch and locking screw.

"Omega Carbon II" Tripod

Omega Premium series - miraculously stable equipment

This camera support series is characterised by solid construction, convenient details and the aluminium material and satisfies all demands for professional use. A multifunctional 3D pan head, a locking grip and a non-slip foam grip on each leg make it suitable for many different applications.

"Omega Premium I" Tripod "Omega Premium II" Tripod

Omega Video II series - specialist for moving pictures

This camera support, designed especially for video recordings, combines stability and precision for high demands. The double profile legs for the highest resistance to vibrations and the rubber feet with retracting steel spikes allow the tripod to stand sturdy on any surface. The fluid-damped, 2-way metal video tilt head with a guide handle for left-handed or right-handed use enables the most extraordinarily light rotating movement.

Traveller series - compact travel companions

Whether taken on travels or last-minute photo safaris, this camera support series represents the perfect combination of low weight and sturdiness. The small pack size and weight are made possible by the aluminium construction. The rubber feet ensure sturdiness, wherever it is used. The series is characterised by its simple and trendy design, as well as its precise 3D ballhead for professional use.

Traveller Premium Duo-Serie – Vielseitige Outdoor-Stative

This tripods are just the job for absolutely wobble-free pictures while on-the-go. Their aluminium construction means that they are extremely light and stable. Non-slip rubber feet, spikes and weight hooks offer stability in any weather and on any surface. Moreover, the removable central column makes professional macro shots possible.

"Traveller 150 Premium Duo" Tripod "Traveller 146 Premium Duo" Tripod