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Hama is price-performance winner

Convincing performance in a study carried out by Deutschland Test

Focus Money and Deutschland Test have once again selected the price-performance winners from various categories.
We are proud to have received the silver rating in the entertainment electronics area.

Focus Money selects price-performance winners

Sony, Canon or GoPro – Hama plays in the same league as these well-known brand giants. We also have a lot to offer in matters of price-performance.

This is confirmed in a study by Deutschland Test of the German magazine Focus Money: clever products at a fair price. But how did the study ascertain what we have already known for a long time? Because this is precisely what we have embraced for almost 94 years! Quite ‘simply’: A total of 6 million nominations were evaluated, among which were 1,500 brands from 109 industry sectors.


Our rigorous quality assurance has made a major contribution to our winning the silver trophy. A total of 40 quality inspectors carry out three-stage tests on site in Germany – from the sample, to the product that is ready to go into production, to goods receipt. At our company, only the best get through: This is ensured by our team of experts, interacting perfectly with the latest equipment.

Unmatched diversity

We always find the right solution. Sometimes it’s just a small detail, but an important one for the user. Sometimes it’s a surprisingly practical idea. Our products offer added value in all kinds of ways. Better protection, improved usability, more security or aesthetics that match a customer’s individual lifestyle – we turn a simple accessory into a product experience.

Our unique variety of products shows what accessories can offer. There’s almost nothing we don’t have. Whether for smartphones, notebooks, digital cameras, flat TVs or the newest gaming consoles, Hama has the right accessory for every device. Add your personality to your device by selecting from the latest technology and innovative products – we are sure to have something for everyone.

Product of the month in view of

  • … more stability … more stability

    Our product of the month in April for perfect price-performance combination: the ‘Action 165 3D’ tripod.

    With our light yet robust tripod, stability and photos without camera shake are guaranteed whatever the weather. The three-way head is also impressive – it enables perfect alignment for taking photos in vertical, horizontal and portrait format. For all outdoor photographers who venture into nature even in the rain, the tripod’s spikes provide a perfect grip on soft or slippery ground. The ‘Action 165 3D’ tripod is ideal to take with you on any photo tour!

    More information on our highlight
  • … more innovation … more innovation

    Our product of the month in March for optimum price-performance: the Curved TV wall bracket!

    First televisions became thinner, and now many have displays that are curved to provide viewers with an even larger image: the dawn of curved TVs is here. We released the world’s first curved TV wall bracket so that you can enjoy that home cinema experience to its fullest.

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  • … more comfort … more comfort

    Our product of the month for optimum price-performance is the „SIRIUM4000ABT“ Soundbar.

    This smart soundbar is the first soundbar that can be controlled using voice. It therefore ensures very comfortable operation.

    But that’s not all that our large power package has to offer: Four powerful mid-range drivers, two highly detailed tweeters and a voluminous subwoofer provide the perfect sound in premium quality. Enjoy a sensational audio performance!

    The ‘SIRIUM4000ABT’ is not, of course, our only soundbar with voice control:

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  • … more quality … more quality

    Our product of the month for perfect price-performance combination: the 3-way Euro power strip.

    Thanks to a special glow wire test at over 500 degrees, carried out through our comprehensive quality assurance, the power strip represents particularly high quality.

    Furthermore, the product features a particularly flat design, making it ideal for small spaces.

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  • … more sound … more sound

    Our product of the month for optimum price-performance:
    The „DIR3600MBT“ digital radio

    Thanks to the integrated subwoofer, the DIR3600 has something for your ears – namely, fat bass. The two 20-watt broadband speakers deliver top sound quality and the 30-watt subwoofer perfects your musical enjoyment.

    But it’s not just the DIR3600 that combines powerful sound with additional clever features:

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  • … more gaming enjoyment … more gaming enjoyment

    Our product of the month for perfect price-performance combination:
    „uRage Illuminated²“the gaming mouse.

    The uRage Illuminated² offers clever features that other mice in this price category do not have.

    With its Omron click switches, it ensures excellent transmission and a haptic click. So every gamer has perfect control! Furthermore, the design of the Illuminated² leaves nothing to be desired. Inspired by lightning and lava, the gaming mouse brings to mind a proper force of nature.

    Of course, the Illuminated² mouse is just one of our products that offer clever and innovative features.

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