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Intelligent Home Series

The intelligent voice control concept from Hama

Speech is the most natural form of communication.

We learn it from a young age.

Intelligent smart home devices are penetrating our homes to an ever-increasing degree. According to analysts, the boom is being fuelled by digital voice assistants with their large network of applications and apps. The market promises huge growth prospects. The voice assistant that is currently best known in Germany, according to a survey*, is Alexa from Amazon with an awareness level of 78% among persons aged 18 or over. According to the study, one in twenty already has an Amazon speaker at home; just under 9 million Germans are already planning to buy a speaker with the Alexa Voice Service.

*Source: Population survey of over 18s on the topic of ‘Digital assistants’ in June 2017, PwC


Hama has developed a forward-looking concept that combines the hot topics of voice control and intelligent home automation: Hama Sirium. The hardware and skills products of the Intelligent Home Series are licensed from Amazon and guarantee full functionality with Alexa Voice Services and the skills that are thereby controlled (‘Works with Amazon Alexa’). In other words, the Hama smart speakers and soundbars can be used to control all other household devices and accessory products (skills) that support the Alexa Voice Service. The range of products available is large and is growing rapidly. Thus, every home is transformed into an ‘intelligent home’ in an instant.



The voice control concept from Hama can be subdivided into three areas:

  1. HARDWARE: smart speakers and soundbars with integrated Alexa Voice Service.
  2. SKILLS: lamps and socket adapters that respond to commands of the Alexa Voice Service (‘Works with Amazon Alexa’).
  3. ACCESSORIES: speaker stands and cables for the original Amazon Echo and Echo Dot speakers. Accessories for further brands of smart speaker will follow.

All products are licensed from Amazon and contain access to the Alexa voice control system. Through the networking of the various areas, a forward-looking concept emerges that combines the trend of voice control and intelligent home automation.

All hardware products and skills can be controlled using just your voice.



Simply name your favourite song, your favourite playlist, your favourite artist, or similar, and the music is played for you. Choose from 40 million songs and the latest new releases with Amazon Music Unlimited. Want some live football? Listen to all Bundesliga matches with Prime Music. With Amazon Music Unlimited, there is also the DFB Cup sports event. Our soundbars and speakers connect to the Alexa Voice Service, to play back music and to provide information, news, sports events, weather forecasts, and much more.

You can also use Spotify with just your voice. Sirium is multi-room and Bluetooth-enabled, so that you can stream music from popular music streaming services, such as iTunes, from your smartphone or tablet. Sirium delivers clear sound and dynamic bass – enjoy full sound and experience concerts or football as if you were right there in the middle of it.

You can mute the microphones at any time using the Mute button.

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Use Hama Sirium together with our lamps and socket adapters to switch on the light from the sofa, for example, or to start the coffee machine in the kitchen. Control key functions in the home very conveniently without having to get up – completely new possibilities for large flats and a modern home; for senior citizens; in brief, for all of you who like to be comfortable.

Voice control works not only with our skills, but with all other smart home devices that support the Alexa Voice Service, such as washing machines, microwaves, lamps, thermostats, etc., of other brands.


  • 1. Connect the smart speaker

    1. Connect the smart speaker to a power source.

  • 2. Connect to the Hama Smart Audio app

    2. Simply connect to the Hama Smart Audio app.

    This is how it’s done: Install the app. • Set the speaker to pairing mode (press and hold the WiFi button for 5–8 seconds).
    The speaker LED begins to breathe. (Hold the button for 3 seconds to use WPS.)
    Connect your smartphone in normal pairing mode (not WPS) to the speaker’s access point.
    Open the app and click ‘Configure’. • Select ‘Add new Speaker’.
    The speaker is automatically recognised, and you can enter the network data on the following page and connect the Amazon account.

    After setup, the device is connected to the Amazon account, where it can be finally configured with the Alexa app.

    Additional functions of the app: playback of local audio files on the smartphone (DLNA) and access to UPnP in the home network.

  • 3. Transmit voice commands

    3. Transmit voice commands to Alexa: the right assistance in everyday life

    Thanks to the skills, the Alexa device becomes really smart! Similar to apps on a smartphone, the skills allows you to extend Alexa’s range of functions. You will find them organised in categories on Amazon.

  • 4. Alexa responds

    4. Alexa responds after just a few moments.


The free Alexa app allows you to easily set up your Hama Sirium and to manage it:

  • Use the Alexa app to connect services that you already use, such as Spotify or Google Calendar.
  • Set up your smart home devices and skills.
  • View to-do and shopping lists while on the go.
  • Operate your timers and select personal alarm tones, and much more.
  • In the Alexa app, you can discover and activate skills of third-party providers.


To enable Alexa to show herself at her best, Hama has developed accessories for the smart Amazon speakers. Thus, the Echo and Echo Dot can be perfectly positioned and adjusted with the special mounts from Hama.

The small Echo Dot can be matched to the style of the room with a cover. If you would like to take the small speaker with you onto the terrace or balcony, you usually have a WLAN signal but no power connection. A power pack quickly solves the problem. If you want to take it further than onto the balcony, put the Echo Dot into the transport case.

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