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The tablet computer makes our lives easier and has become a faithful companion – whether used instead of a PC in the office, as a digital notebook in lectures or as an e-book reader on the couch. Given that the tablet is used intensively, it frequently gets bumped on the edges of tables, scratched by keys in a bag and even dropped on the floor. Nonetheless, you often ask yourself: ‘Is a display protector for the tablet really worthwhile?’ – Yes, it definitely is! The repair costs for a tablet display are often almost as expensive as the purchase price.


For tablet display repairs, you often have to dig deep into your pocket: The average cost for a display repair is approximately EUR 300. But it doesn’t have to get that far – a glass display protector can be bought for as little as EUR 19.99.

As you can see in the cost overview*, with a display protector from Hama, you save yourself over EUR 300 – money you’d rather put to good use elsewhere.

*Tablet costs using the iPad mini (2019) as an example

iPad Mini (2019) without display protector:

Purchase price:
449.00 €

Repair costs:
320.90 €

Total costs:
769.90 €

iPad Mini (2019) with display protector:

Purchase price:
449.00 €

Film display protector:
19.99 €

Total costs:
468.99 €

With us, you save 300.91 €


Clearly, your own requirements are at the forefront. Are you looking for long-lasting protection, or is a discreet look more important to you? Does your everyday life call for added protection from display breakage, or is your main priority to prevent scratches on the display? Here you get an initial idea of various requirements.

Requirements Glass display protector Film display protector
Prevent scratches
Maximum surface hardness
Prevent display breakage
Discreet look
Feel of the display remains unchanged
Long-lasting protection
Optimum view
Can be removed without residue
Avoids formation of bubbles*

* if there is no dust underneath


Here, we compare our two best-selling products using the iPad mini (2019) as an example. The items used in the test are available for other tablet models.

  • Display protector Display protector

    Glass display protector

    ‘Premium’ glass display protector for Apple iPad mini (2019)

    To the article

    Film display protector

    ‘Crystal Clear’ film display protector for Apple iPad mini (2019)

    To the article
  • Protection Level Protection Level

    The higher the protection level, the stronger the protection provided by the display glass or film.

    Glass display protector

    Film display protector

  • Scratch protection Scratch protection

    Glass display protector

    9H* nano-tech coating for hardest scratch protection: extremely resistant to scratches, breakage and shock

    *9H: The glass resists scratches from a 9H pencil.

    Film display protector

    Scratch resistance for everyday activities

  • View View

    Glass display protector

    Highly transparent ultra-clear material in HD quality for outstanding brilliance

    Film display protector

    Brilliant display colours are unaffected

  • Material Material

    Glass display protector

    Hardened glass

    Film display protector


  • Appearance Appearance

    Glass display protector


    Film display protector


  • Durability Durability

    Glass display protector

    Due to its material, glass is more resistant and therefore more durable. Replacement is only necessary if the glass display protector breaks.

    Film display protector

    The film wears more quickly due to its soft material. It therefore needs to be changed more frequently.

  • Price (RRP) Price (RRP)

    Glass display protector

    19.99 €

    Film display protector

    9.99 €


  • Preparation
    1. Choose a room that is as free of dust as possible.
    2. Use a clean, flat surface with no cloth covering as a work surface.
    3. Place the film or glass on your display and determine the correct direction for subsequent mounting. Ensure that openings for speakers, microphones, cameras, etc. are kept free.
    4. Carefully clean the display using a microfibre cloth.
  • Fitting

    1. Remove the backing film from the adhesive side of the display protector up to halfway.

    2. Place the display protector on the edge of the display and check again that it is positioned correctly.

    3. Use a microfibre cloth to gently and uniformly smooth the film display protector on the display. Lay the glass display protector slowly onto the display. Remove the backing film evenly.

    4. Remove the second sheet of backing film.

    5. Smooth out any remaining air bubbles from the middle outwards using a microfibre cloth.


Also think about appropriate protection for the sensitive back of your tablet! We have cases and covers for almost every tablet model that combine perfectly with our glass and film display protectors.